Feb 052020


Piano Major Chords / Broken Chords

Any two or more notes sounded simultaneous are known as a chord. The most frequently used chords are triads, so-called because they consist of three distinct notes stacked vertically in thirds. The lowest-pitched tone being the root, then comes the third, and the fifth, which is the highest.

You can find bellow the illustrations of all Major Triads and also information about triads types and triads inversions.

Jan 072020


Make Sight-Reading perfect

Make Sight-Reading perfect

  • Examine The Piece you’re Sight-Reading
  • Set your hand in the correct position

Jan 062020


Make Aural Perfect

Sing! - Advice students to start singing for fun, not weekly but DAILY!

Listen! - Advice students to start listening for fun, not weekly but DAILY!

Jan 052020


5 Tips to make your scales perfect!

1. Always practice musically!

2. Never play too fast!

3. Develop an accurate inner pulse!

4. Practice different rhythmic groups.

5. No flat fingers!