Make Sight-Reading perfect

  • 07 January 2020
  • Maria


Make Sight-Reading perfect - images/defaultImage.jpg


1. Examine The Piece you’re Sight-Reading

  • clefs
  • key signature
  • time signature
  • tempo marks
  • dynamic signs
  • articulation signs

2. Set your hand in the correct position.

For the five-finger position passages(gr 1 and gr 2) it's a good advice to place your hands above the notes that appear in sight-read passage, noticing before to start which is the highest and which is the lowest sound for each hand. For higher levels (starting with gr 3-piano)place your both hands above the first notes from the sight-reading passage.

3. Sound out in Your Head the Whole Passage you have to Sight-Read.

As you go through it, it becomes much easier to read it.

4. Keep going whatever; even you make a mistake.

Don't stop. If you do that, will result a discontinuous or incomplete presentation.

5. Look ahead, never back.

Never go back to correct any wrong note or value. The less we relate to thinking about what we miss, the more secure becomes our next passages. Your goal is to use a steady pulse with a secure presentation without losing the music flow.

6. Practice sight-reading different types of music.

The more you practice different types of music, the more you will get used to reading common melodic and rhythmic patterns. You will also develop a quick recognition of keys and tonalities getting ease to play more sharps and flats key signature.